This 10-Minute Resistance Band Ab Workout Will Work Your Entire Core

Bands are easy to work with, especially when the goal is to target specific parts of the body. One of the ways they can be used is by using door anchor straps while placing the bands higher to target the mid-section of the body. By holding the handles and pulling to the right and left sides interchangeably, the pressure is applied to the mid-section, thus achieving the desired results. The recommended reps are usually 12, but you can increase them to 20 if you want more effectiveness. Another alternative is to angle the handles lower and higher interchangeable between sets, especially the second and third ones.

Lower abs

The lower ab workout is also very effective with resistance bands. For the lower abs, you start by lying down on the floor and then placing the band’s handles on your shoes. You then bring your knees to your chest alternatingly. The exercise is similar to bicycle crunches, but the shoulders have to remain on the floor throughout. Do at least three sets consisting of 20 reps each, but you can increase the band’s resistance to increase the intensity of the workout. Remember to keep your lower back pinned on the floor to reduce the chances of injuring your spine.

Upper abs

The upper ab workout is similar to the lower one in that it requires lying on the ground, but the exercise routines differ. The knees should be bent and instead of the handles being on the shoes. You hold them with your hands over your chest. Crunch forward as you push the bands forward. Try to get past your knees to increase intensity but try to keep your lower back on the floor. As you lie back down, wring your hands to your chest to allow contraction and relaxation of the core muscles. It’s okay for the shoulders to be raised, but you should make sure your neck is relaxed so that pressure will be on your shoulders and the upper abdomen. Do three sets of 15 reps and increase resistance if you want more challenge.