9 Totally Free At-Home Workouts for When Coronavirus is Keeping You Inside

Many gyms across the country are currently closed to prevent the spend of COVID-19, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a mood-boosting, invigorating workout at home. Some of Instagram’s most popular personal trainers have taken to the platform to share their favorite at-home workouts with their fans. Top names include Lacee Laxoff, who is demonstrating kettlebell workouts, and Kira Stokes who is sharing creative bodyweight exercises that people can carry out in just about any location. Furthermore, big brand gyms are offering at-home workouts to their members via apps. And, many companies in the fitness industry, like SoulCycle and MYX Fitness are trying to provide the best virtual in-studio experience that you can enjoy from home.

On top of all that, dozens of high-quality fitness apps have flooded app stores offering free virtual classes for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic. Whether you’re looking for stylish boutique studio workouts, high-intensity cardio routines, or brutal weight training exercises, you are sure to find an at-home workout that matches your fitness preferences in our list below. Get ready to sweat it out while staying inside. So, without further ado, here are our top 9 free at-home workouts apps:

[Side Note: If you aren’t feeling 100%, make sure you wait until you are better before you start a new workout program. Exercising while sick will only prolong your recovery.]

1. Peloton – For Cardio Fans

The Peloton app is a must for cardio lovers who have access to a treadmill, elliptical, or exercise bike at home. You don’t need a branded cardio machine and the company is offering 90 days of free access to their guided workouts. Simply jump on your treadmill, plug in your earbuds, and get ready to take part in a trainer led workout that will keep you motivated as you burn all those calories. The Peloton app also offers strength training, stretching warmups, and yoga workouts from some top trainers.

2. Daily Burn – For Minimalists

If you don’t have any exercise equipment at home and are looking for workouts that rely solely on your bodyweight, Daily Burn is a good choice. When you sign up, you get 60 days of free access to all workouts. While Daily Burn does offer some strength training programs, the majority of their workouts are centered around bodyweight-only exercises. At 9.a.m EST every day, you can tune into live workout sessions from their trainers. Each interval workout session is 30 minutes in duration. What’s more, new routines are introduced every day to keep you engaged.

3. Obé – For Dance Lovers

The Obé app has over 2,500 on-demand video workouts as well as daily live classes. New users to the app get 30 days for free. Some of the favorite workouts on Obé are the dance routines, which allow you to have fun burning calories while dancing to high energy tunes. There are also advanced choreography classes available that teach you entire dance routines enabling you to master your coordination.

4. NEOU – For Weight Lifters

If you have weights sets at home and want to build or maintain your strength, be sure to check out NEOU. When you sign up, you get 30 days for free and gain access to hundreds of workout routines from yoga to HIIT sessions. NEOU is a favorite with those looking for high-quality strength training workout programs. As long as you have dumbbells or some kettlebells in your home, you are ready to start building muscle with the “Get Strong” program.

5. Bulldog Online – For Yoga Fans

With code EXTEND60, you can enjoy 60 days of free access to Bulldog Online. The platform has yoga workouts for all fitness levels and all their routines can be carried out at home. You can select calm, slow flows that focus on toning specific areas. Or, you can opt for fast-paced sequences to get your blood flowing.

6. CorePower Yoga – Strength And Flexibility

The CorePower Yoga app is free for the next month and offers users a virtual experience that mimics the in-studio experience. You can take level one or level two classes that teach you fast-paced flows and soothing yoga poses. If you want to level up, try the yoga sculpting (YS) program. It mixes strength-training exercises with yoga routines. The app also contains guided meditation tracks to help you get into the zen zone.

7. FightCamp – For Boxers

With this app and some accompanying equipment, you can access a range of workout options. Are you a newbie that wants to learn some boxing skill basics? Take a look at the FightCamp YouTube Channel. If you want to take part in high-intensity interval training that combines bodyweight plyometric moves with boxing punches, install the FightCamp app. Meanwhile, if you are seeking a top trainer to teach you advanced boxing techniques and guide you through full workouts, check out the company’s punch trackers. They start from just $37 per month and some plans come with gloves and a professional punching bag.

8. Sweat Factor – For Variety Lovers

Sweat Factor allows you to try a wide variety of different workouts and it’s ideal for those who get bored of following set fitness routines day in and day out. You can do yoga on Monday, HIIT cardio on Tuesday, strength training the next day, and really mix up your weeks. The app comes with a 30-day free trial and has everything from bodyweight-only routines to workouts for pregnant women to boot camp training.

9. Tone It Up – For Positivity And Accountability

Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott are the co-founders and lead trainers at Tone It Up. The app features only female trainers that teach you how to keep fit while having fun. Community building is a top priority within the app and it’s set up to foster friendships and accountability partners. New users can sign up for free for the next 30 days and discover a wide selection of different workouts and strength plans that target different areas of the body. The positivity and team-focused atmosphere make Tone It Up a great choice for those looking for a stress-free experience.