10 Sun-Worshiping Pets


Pets are adorable. They show us how to make the best of moments. They’re not complex like humans, so you can imagine you can learn a lot from them stretched out in your home. However, even your felines and pups might be missing the outdoors these days. They need the sunshine too to give them that boost of Vitamin D. We’re not unlike animals and tend to go a little stir crazy when we don’t get outside time. Thankfully, even during quarantine, most of us have been able to catch a bit of sunlight. In the following photos, you will see pets enjoying the sunshine like nature intended. You can look through them and then vote for your favorite pose.

1. Sun Spot Finder


2. Friends Who Sunbath Together…

3. Oliver the Cat Frolicks in the Spring Sunshine

4. My Dog Found His Favorite Sunny Nook

5. Those Sun Rays

6. Even Pets Shield their Peepers

7. An Old Man and Cat Suntanning

8. This Cat Has a System

9. Two Beach Bums


10. Loves the Sun when It’s Chilly